On Tuesday, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry, stated that the Quad should not target any third party otherwise they will have no future when he was asked about the upcoming first in-person meeting of Quad meeting of countries including, US, Japan, India, and Australia scheduled for September 24 in Washington. The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad was described by Beijing as a group based on Cold War ideology and harmful to the international order.

Lijan added that China thinks any regional cooperation body should be in accordance with the trend and should be favorable for mutual trust and cooperation between the regional countries, and such cooperation should not aim at any third country or harm their interest. The Chinese spokesperson added that the groups which target another country do not satisfy the aspirations of the country, and these groups will not be popular and have no future.

Furthermore, Lijian said that he wants to emphasize that China is the main force safeguarding peace in the Asia Pacific region besides being the engine for the economic growth in the region. He added that the growth of China indicates an increase in “forces for peace” in the world and “good news” for the region.

The Chinese spokesperson also said that out-of-date zero-sum game thinking and narrow geopolitical ideas should be abandoned by the countries, and they should take a look at China’s development, respect the hearts of the people, and do more things that are beneficial to promote unity and cooperation of regional countries.


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