• · The former Pradesh Congress chief has claimed that he will not refrain from taking stands for the betterment of people
  • · Sidhu submitted his resignation letter to Sonia Gandhi yesterday
  • · Ahead of his resignation, speculations have come forth regarding his chances to meet home minister Amit Shah, however, no confirmation has come from any of the sides

Today, Navjot Singh Sidhu, the Punjab Pradesh Congress chief who resigned from his post yesterday, said that he has no personal rivalry with anyone. Sidhu claims that his entire political career summing up to seventeen years had a sole purpose and that was, to make a difference.

The former chief maintains that he will not stop taking stands in order to make people’s lives better. “Will keep fighting the fight for the truth till last breath,” added Sidhu in his video. The 57-year-old has stated, “no personal rivalry with anyone; 17 years of my political career has been for a purpose, to make difference, to take a stand, and to make people’s lives better. This is my only religion.”

Mr.Sidhu submitted his resignation yesterday to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and claimed that he would not make any “compromises” in terms of the welfare of Punjab. However, he hasn’t given any clarification for his statement yet. Speculations have developed that he will be meeting home minister Amit Shah as his immediate step, however, no confirmation has come from both the sides.

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