• · The PM believed that 100 crore was not just a number, but portrayed the credibility of ‘New India’
  • · He has said that the vaccination drive marks the success of the joint efforts of the government and the citizens
  • · The Prime Minister has also urged the citizens to voice for local products, stating the success of the “make in India” campaign

On Friday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the tenth time since March 2020. Addressing the nation at a time when India’s vaccination drive crossed the 100 crore mark, Prime Minister stated that this signifies not only a number but the credibility of “new India”. Modi hailed and stated, “100 crore vaccines are not just a number. It reflects the credibility of this country. This marks a new chapter of the country, a country that is capable of achieving huge targets.”

Calling the feat an ‘extraordinary achievement’, PM Modi highlighted that there was neither any ‘VIP culture’ nor ‘discrimination’ in running the vaccination drive of India. Also, Prime Minister has appealed to citizens to follow the Covid-19 protocols along with administering vaccines on time.

The PM further stated that the critics of India have been quietened at this achievement. Narendra Modi has attributed the vaccination drive of the country to be a journey from “anxiety to assurance”.

Meanwhile, he has written on this occasion, “The journey from anxiety to assurance has happened and our nation has emerged stronger, thanks to the world’s largest vaccination drive. It has been a truly Bhagirathi effort involving multiple sections of society.”

He has further stated, “The vaccine drive is an example of what India can achieve if the citizens and the government come together with a common goal in the spirit of Jan Bhagidari. When everyone takes ownership, nothing is impossible.” Modi has also emphasized the fact that earlier Indians would hear, “made in this country”, “made in that country”, but presently the massiveness of “made in India” has been realized.

He has also urged the citizens of the country to voice for the local products. PM Modi believed that investors from abroad are now extremely positive about the economy of the country, wherefore hefty investments are arriving at the companies of India and job opportunities are being created for the youth as well.

Speaking of the Covid-19 measures which are to be followed by the citizens, the Prime Minister said that all protocols are to be maintained and people must wear masks in spite of the fact that over 100 crore people have been vaccinated in the country. He has also said that those who haven’t taken their first dose of vaccine yet must hurry to take the jabs.


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