Manoj Muntashir, an Indian lyricist, poet, and screenwriter, shared a video on Thursday and said that none of his creations are purely original while referring to the allegations claiming that his song, Teri Mitti, which he wrote for the Kesari movie, was plagiarized.

In his response, Muntashir said that none of his creations is 100% original. He added that they can file petitions against him in court, and he will respect every decision taken by the court. The lyricist added that one stanza for the song ‘Teri Galiyan’ was inspired by Momin’s lines, ‘Tere Sang Yara’ was inspired by Firakh Gorakhpuri’s couplets, and even ‘Teri Mitti’ has been translated to several languages, but he does not think his name was written anywhere.

Muntashir added that he is not going to stop or bend, it is his talent that brought him from Gauriganj streets to Rajpath, and he is being punished for being a nationalist. He said that people accusing him should know it is impossible to stop him, they can check if he mentioned Robert Lavery’s name. He continued, “I am Manoj Muntashir Shukla, and I am proud of it.”

Furthermore, the lyricist-poet said that if his YouTube videos, his retelling of correct history upsets someone, they can reason with me, but they shouldn’t disrespect a song that has become armed forces’ anthem, it is not acceptable. Muntashir said that he will quit writing forever if it is proved that his song Teri Mitti is a copy of any song.

Manoj said that they can check the video that was uploaded several months after the release of ‘Kesari’, and said that the singer is not Pakistan, but an Indian folk singer, Geeta Rabari. The allegations claimed that a part of his from his 2018 book ‘Meri Fitrat Hai Mastana’ was very similar to Robert J Lavery’s 2007 poem that was published in his book Love ‘Lost: Love Found.’


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