China has been on the headlines for the past few days has yet again, made another controversial statement by stating that it will ‘not interfere’ in the internal affairs of the Taliban. “We respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Taliban, and hence, we won’t interfere in its internal affairs,” it added.

Back on Tuesday, during a meeting with acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi in Kabul, Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu said Beijing hopes for a ‘broad and inclusive’ political structure in Afghanistan. The development comes on the day when Beijing has agreed to donate three million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Afghanistan. This will be part of the $31 million worth of food, winter weather supplies, vaccines, and medicine that Beijing pledged to provide Kabul earlier this month.

The meeting between the delegates turned out to be the second publicized high-level China-Afghanistan meet in Kabul. Previously, in August, Abdul Salam Hanafi, the deputy head of the Taliban political met Ambassador Wang Yu in Kabul.

“Afghanistan aims to improve its governance capabilities to better combat terrorism,” Muttaqi added. He outlined that the Afghan side will not use any forces to do things that endanger the interests of China and other countries.

In the meeting, Wang Yi thanked the Afghan side for its efforts to protect the safety of Chinese citizens, Chinese-funded enterprises, and the embassy in Afghanistan. On the other hand, Muttaqi, thanked China for its support and assistance.


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