The National Security Guard (NSG) is known for its bone-breaking assault. The soldiers for this force are trained for a short period of four months which is mainly focused on making them strong and bold. The Slogan of NSG Commandos is “Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha”.

The fundamental ideology of NSG is the prompt and speedy strike and immediate withdrawal from the theatre of action. National Security Guard has been given the ‘SPECIFIC ROLE’ to handle all facets of terrorism in any part of the country as a Federal Contingency Force. The NSG was modelled on the pattern of the SAS of the UK and GSG-9 of Germany.

Over the years, the NSG has performed several operations to protect and safeguard India from enemies. It is capable to deter any kind of situation. Some of the major operations performed by the NSG includes the 26th November Mumbai attack. The Mumbai attack took place back in 2008 in which, the NSG fought with the terrorists and rescued hostages after multiple attacks across Mumbai. During the operation, the NSG killed 9 terrorists, scanned more than 900 rooms and around 600 detainees were rescued.

The NSG also played a significant role in the 2016 Pathankot attack. During the operation, Lt. Col. Niranjan lost his life defusing a grenade trapped on the body of a dead terrorist. Reportedly, 12 more members of the unit were injured. Another operation hails back to 1986. During this operation, around 300 NSG commandos and 700 Border Security Force troops stormed the Golden Temple. The temple was cleared and handed over to Punjab Police. Around 300 Sikh militants were captured during the operation.

The soldiers for this force are trained for a short period of four months which is mainly focused on making them strong and bold. The dropout rate is more than 50 percent tensile training which makes it one of the elite Special Forces in the world. The recruitment is done in two ways. Firstly is from the Indian army and the second form is from the armed police forces of India.

To celebrate the occasion, PM Narendra Modi greeted the agency on its raising day. Taking to his Twitter account, he tweeted that NSG played a crucial role in India’s security apparatus. He mentioned that the country is proud of the efforts given by the agency to keep the country safe. “NSG has been associated with the utmost courage and professionalism,” Modi wrote.

On the other hand, the Home Minister Amit Shah also greeted the NSG on their 36th Raising Day. Taking to his official Twitter handle, Shah tweeted that the NSG could handle all odds, which made them a distinguished force in the world. He further lauded the team and mentioned that the agency protected India with their bravery, courage, and dedication. He exclaimed, “India is proud of our elite group!”

Every year, October 15 is marked as the raising day of the National Security Guard (NSG). It is a counter-terrorism unit under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) which was established in 1984. The officials of the agency are often termed as ‘The Black Cats’.


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