• NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio announced the termination of business relations with President Trump on Wednesday.
  • The action was taken by NYC in the wake of the Capitol-attack by pro-Trump supporters, and President Trump`s appreciation to them.
  • This announcement means the termination of a hundred businesses President Trump has on the city.
  • The termination of business in NYC would make President Trump lose $17 million per year.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday announced that NYC will cease all its business proceedings with President Trump, following the pro-Trump violation in the Capitol, and President’s appreciation on that. With the city pulling off its business partnership with the President, it is expected that Trump will lose over a hundred businesses. This includes two ice- skating rinks in Central Park, the Central Park Carousel, and a golf course in the Bronx. 

The formalities to terminate the business proceedings will take at least a month and it will bring President Trump a loss of $17 million a year. The announcement has come storming upon the old businesses of Trump when he was just gaining recognition as a real estate fabricator in New York. There has not been any immediate response from the Trump Organization and the Trump Campaign.


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