As the third phase of national lockdown begins on 4th May, the whole nation has been divided into three main zone- Red, Orange, and Green based on the magnitude of contamination. Along with it, the Ministry of Home Affairs has declared few relaxations, especially on the Green and Orange zones. The liquor shops which were closed for several days have been allowed for the reopening, and thus people have taken on the streets. In many places, it is seen that customers have formed long queues maintaining social distancing while in other places the norm of social distancing is being completely violated and shattered.

The citizens who are in their homes and acting responsibly have taken on their twitter accounts to report these crazy actions. Some are making a meme out of it, some criticizing but mostly everyone is worried. COVID-19 is a virus that transmits very quickly and social distancing is the key to control it. The thousands of people in front of the liquor shop is mostly violating that and thus, increasing the chances of community transmission. Most importantly in a nation where people are asking for food packets and rations every next day, how come so many people are ready to afford liquor? These statements have resulted in complications and questions of doubts on the decision of Government on opening these shops. On the very first day of the third phase of lockdown, with various relaxation 2,500 new cases have been reported. Even though it is necessary to pull out the nation from economic failure, it is important to note that the virus has not been eradicated.


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