• 25th November around the globe is known as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
  • The United Nations General Assemble observes this day to spread awareness about the violence women around the world face.
  • Orange The World initiative is celebrated for 16 days starting from 25th November to 10 December.

Violence against women is not a regional or territorial problem. Women in every corner of the world face this very unnatural and unfortunate phenomenon in one way or the other. The rate and type of this violence may vary from one Nation to another but the problems faced by the feminine-part of the society are uncanny. Even in the 21st Century, when society is running hand in hand equally with both men and women, issues like rape, domestic violence are persistent.

The UN Secretary-General’s campaign Unite works for showcasing the scale and true nature of this violence which is often hidden. It is high time to end violence against women and create a society truly equal for both genders. The theme of the UNiTE campaign was decided Orange your Neighborhood and later in 2018, it was changed to Orange the World #HearMeToo and in 2019 it was kept Orange the World: Generation Equality Stands Against Rape.

The acts of violence which are faced by women around the world are the most devastating violation of human rights. These issues have a vast array like- acid attack, domestic violence, dating abuse, eve-teasing, forced abortion, forced pregnancy, marriage by abduction, bride burning, dowry death, honor killing, femicide, infanticide, sexual assault, cybersex trafficking, child sexual initiation, forced prostitution, etc.

According to the study, most women are subjected to mild or cruel forms of violence. This might either leave a very deep mental trauma or a physical disability in women around the world. So the question arises today in the 21st century do we still want the women who have proven to be important human resources and equal to men to face these cruelties on day to day basis? Do we really want them to lament for being a daughter, sister, mother, or a woman for their entire lives??

This day has historical significance, 1960 the dictator of the Dominican Republic Rafael Trujillo ordered The Assassination of three Mirabal Sisters who were the political activists there. The Latin America and Caribbean Feminist Encuentros thus marked the day to spread awareness about violence against women.

This day has been marked with Orange the World Campaign, the color orange has been chosen because it symbolizes a future that is bright and free of violence, it also represents the solidarity of eliminating all forms of gender-based violence from the world. On this day UNESCO organizes exhibitions to showcases the death of this violence and the significance with which it should be treated. 

An umbrella sign has been adapted to represent that we are all under one umbrella standing united fighting all sorts of verbal, emotional, and even physical violence against women. Every staff of UNESCO participates in a social campaign with a group picture using umbrellas demonstrating a “No to Violence” exhibition and it calls everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share their photos with hashtags #OrangeTheWorld #25thNovember #IDECAW tagging UNESCO wearing something orange.


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