Today, Mallika Sherawat revealed that the reason behind her leaving the country was because she was being bullied by a certain section of the media, who considered her a ‘fallen woman.’ She said that most of them were women who bullied her and that men never had issues with her.

The actress in an interview said that society has evolved in the last few years and has become more accepting and tolerant about the kinds of films she chose to do.

“There was a lot of judgment, that ‘she has no morals’, ‘she is a fallen woman, ‘look at the kinds of scenes she does, she wears a bikini, kisses on screen’. But it’s all a part of the experience, and I’m really happy that there has been a lot of growth in society. People have become more tolerant,” the actress said.

Mallika said that she was targeted by a certain section of the media who labeled her as a fallen woman for the kind of roles she did, the clothes she wore, and the scenes she had done. The actress also pointed out that women had issues with her while men had no problems with her. They always appreciated her. This made her leave the country for a break.

The actress was last seen in the indie film RK/RKay. She has also done films in Hollywood and China. She will be next seen in series Nakaab, with Esha Gupta

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