• Currently, the world has more than 6 million COVID-19 cases. 
  • The rate of recovery is 88%. 
  • America has the highest number of cases. 
  • In India, cases are hiking tremendously. 

Coronavirus has affected 213 countries and territories around the world. The virus has infected the lives of about 6,045,328 people. Till now, 2,671,427 have recovered while sadly 367,111 people were unable to tolerate the infection and have lost their lives. The rate of recovery throughout the world is 88% while the fatality rate is 12%. 

Many countries are struggling while many have managed to arrest the pandemic. Of all, the USA has recorded the highest number of infections in the world. The country reported 1,793,530 cases of which 519,669 have recovered while more than 1 lakh has died. After America, Second on the list is Brazil who has reported 468,338 cases of which more than 27,000 have died while 193,181 have recovered. European countries such as Spain and Italy have reported an ample number of cases but slowly they are steeping the graph. India is a widely populated country and recently, the cases have spiked. Till now, India reported 174,020 cases of which 4,981 died while more than 82,000 have recovered from the infection. 

The world is trying hard to arrest the pandemic. Scientists are also working hard to develop vaccines and drugs to win the war against Covid-19. Attempts are being made by doctors and healthcare staff throughout the world to save the lives of as many as they can.


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