Netflix India’s new release Pagglait is a story of a liberating woman, who is compartmentalized and disguised, delving into issues of the aftermath of her husband’s death whom she did not know well.

It is refreshing to see Sanya Malhotra as Sandhya, the lead role of the movie. The actor after portraying such vivid and energetic characters is donning as a widow who is clueless about her husband’s life and somewhat even about her own. A well-educated young woman, who has been jostled around amidst the judgments of her demised husband’s relatives. Sanya has beautifully taken into Sandhya where she is not overbearing or much expressive but as genuine as the character can be.

Set in a middle-class Indian Household, the film revolves around widowed Sandhya and her in-laws. Sandhya is not able to mourn her husband’s death because she feels that she did not know him that deeply. Amidst the facts lies her husband’s parents, and relatives and the rituals which are to be performed after death.

The film tried to show what happens in an Indian household after a young adult son dies, leaving his newly married wife and old parents behind, who solely depended on him for financial and social security.

The story is not just about remorse. It is about what happens to the people who are left behind, the juxtaposition of emotions of loss and needs of the day-to-day existence. But at the same time, Pagglait is a disruptive film that shows a widow who discovers a new bold life that later on becomes more adventurous.

Raghubir Singh is the cranky old, know-it-all uncle that has scored him all the points on the board. He single-handedly embraced the lack and hypocrisy of the Indian relatives towards being sensitive, a striking commentary on Human behavior. Sheeba Chadda and Asutosh Rana as the mourning parents gave the cinematic expression a ring to reality.

This film marks Arijit Singh’s debut as a film director; the artist has done a commendable job in weaving the film’s melancholy into the music. 

The scenes are intertwined with ironies and nuances, a doorbell with quirky music, disrupting the mundane of the household, while the members of the family are thinking that sandhya is extremely down, she scrolling through Instagram and Facebook to see how many people posted regarding her husband’s death. Sandhya’s cravings for Pepsi and chips, etc. are well-shown in the movie.

Director Umesh Bisht unlike his previous films has done a brilliant job in writing this film. It is a blatant portrayal of the current Indian families, which though keeps track of all the new things going on in the world but are still stuck up in the hypocritical dimension that they are comfortable in.


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