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On Saturday, Imran Khan, the Prime minister of Pakistan, stated that Pakistan initiated a discussion with the Taliban for an inclusive government in Afghanistan following a detailed discussion on the Afghanistan issue during the recent Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO) summit.

Khan posted a tweet and said that the inclusivity in the government will guarantee peaceful and stable Afghanistan after 40 years of conflict, which will be in the interest of Afghanistan, as well as Pakistan.

Pakistan has been receiving global criticism for its support of the Taliban, and as a result, the Pakistani ministers are throwing their weight behind the new interim government. Pakistan PM Imran Khan has addressed the issue during several interviews of international platforms and the SCO summit.

In an interview, Imran Khan stated that if Pakistan helped the Taliban win against the US, it would signify that Pakistan is stronger than the US and the whole of Europe as a lightly armed military force of around 60,000 fighters will be able to beat a well-equipped armed force of 3,00,000.

The Pakistani prime minister said that the international community should give the Taliban government more time, and it is wrong to believe that any outside force will be able to address the issues inside the country. Imran Khan clarified Pakistan’s stance on the decade-long war and said that they paid a very heavy price for supporting the United States.


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