• Gandhi slammed the Centre over the increasing fuel prices.
  • Centre has been claimed to impose high taxes on petrol and diesel.
  • Rahul Gandhi accused the government of looting the citizens.

Today, Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi slammed the Modi government over the increasing fuel prices. He accused PM Modi of ’emptying the pockets of the common man and filling the pockets of his friends for free’.

Taking to his social media account, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the Centre has been imposing high taxes on petrol and diesel. He has requested the government to provide relief to the common man from the onslaught of rising prices. “When you look at the fast-rising meter, it must be remembered that the price of crude oil has not increased but decreased. Petrol is Rs. 100 per liter,” he added.

In his post, the Congress leader also used the hashtag ‘FuelLootByBJP’.”The Modi Government is doing a great job of freeing your pockets and giving it to friends,” he added. The harsh comments come at a time when the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously for several days. Reportedly, in a few states, the price of petrol has even crossed the Rs. 100 mark.

On Sunday, Congress President Sonia Gandhi had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the letter, she conveyed the anger and distress of every citizen of India over the spiraling fuel and gas prices.


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