American multinational pharma company Pfizer is donating USD 70 million which is more than Rs 510 crore worth of medicines from its distribution centers in the US, Asia and Europe.

On Monday, the CEO and chairman of the company Albert Bourla said that it has been a part of Covid-19 treatment protocol of India. Bourla has shared on his linkedin post and also sent a mail to Pfizer India employees saying that the critical COVID-19 situation in India is a part of their deep concern and “our hearts go out to you, your loved ones and all the people of India.”

Committing to be a partner in India’s battle against this deadly disease, he said that they “are quickly working to mobilize the largest humanitarian relief effort” in the history of the company.

Bourla stated that at the US, Asia and Europe’s distribution centers, Pfizer colleagues are currently working hard for rushing shipments of Pfizer medicines to India.

He further said, “We are donating these medicines to help make sure that every Covid-19 patient in every public hospital across the country can have access to the Pfizer medicines they need free of charge.”

He added that these medicines will be made available immediately, and with the government and their NGO partners, they will work closely to help and support them where they are most needed.