• Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced the up-gradation of military capabilities.
  • This decision end the retreating era for the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom announced the biggest military investment post, Cold War, signifying its decision to end the retreating era. Even though the pandemic has curbed the economy, according to officials this decision was needed to establish its role post- Brexit on the world stage. The new era for global cooperation and free trade has significantly changed the world, thus Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to manifest a strong role backed by modern military and cyberspace potentiality.

Boris Johnson stated that there is a demand for military capability up-gradation along with introducing the latest technology which includes new space commands and AI, thus the investment is justified. This initiative would cost 16.5 billion pounds extra over 42 billion pounds in the upcoming four years.

When asked about his decision, Johnson said, “I have taken this decision in the teeth of the pandemic because the defense of the realm must come first.” He further added that this high time for Britain to be true to its history because the international circumstances are more competitive and tensed than ever since the Cold War. This decision will further make the UK’s position rock-solid as the largest spender in Europe and second-largest in NATO.


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