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Today, Justine Trudeau was once again put back to chair by the people of Canada with his Liberal Party as the second minority. He has been elected as the Prime Minister of Canada for the third term after the 2019 federal elections. The 49 year old Liberal face in the Parliament of Canada has been consistently holding his chair since the elections of November, 2015.

The Liberals have been competing with the Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois and the New Democratic Party with a lead in 156 electoral districts. The victory resulting from a contest taking place after a campaign schedule of five weeks has been satisfactory for Trudeau. “We worked very hard during this campaign, and Canadians are making an important choice”, this has been his statement regarding the victory which he gave to AFP.

However, the walkover has not been a landslide for Mr. Trudeau as his Liberal as they have faced a major setback in terms of forming the majority in the parliament. The propensity of the Liberal Party coming to parliament with a minority has been constant since the last federal elections of 2019.

The recent elections of Canada have been held amidst a tumultuous situation of pandemic. The Covid 19 crisis and its healthcare management came about to be a significant factor in terms of the electoral campaign of every party participating in the elections. The vaccine drive and the healthcare management system initiated by Trudeau to deal with the pandemic have remained in favor of his victory.


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