• PM Modi analyzed the corona situation in 10 states and held discussions with the CMs
  • Testing rate is less and the positive rate is more in UP, WB, Gujarat, Telangana, and Bihar
  • Testing rates will be increased in these 5 states to control the situation
  • 80% of the total active cases are accumulated in 10 states
  • ’72-hour COVID formula’ has to be involved to test, trace and treat corona patients at the earliest. 

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a COVID review meeting with the Chief Ministers of 10 states where the corona situation is deteriorating and early steps have to be taken to combat it. Modi urges to send the mantra of ’72 hours formula’ where if one person tests positive then within 72 hours, contact tracing and testing have to be done for all surrounding the patient. Proper facilities have to be implanted to enforce the ’72-hour formula’ along with analyzing the areas with a more vibrant number on a regular basis.

PM Modi talked about the arrival of new challenges that are coming every day but despite all such problems, the states, and the centre have worked together and achieved good results. Talking about today’s meeting; Modi said that 80% of the total active cases are accumulated in these 10 states for which collaborative discussion and suggestions have to be done so as to mitigate the situation at the earliest. PM said that if the condition of these 10 states are controlled and recovered then India will win the COVID-19 battle.

PM Modi said that the testing rate is less and more positive rate in states like UP, WB, Telangana, Gujarat, and Bihar so the stress of increasing the testing rate has to be raised here more vigorously. Containment, contact tracing, and surveillance are the key points of controlling it.

To reach the target of death rate below 1%, it is vital to work harder in a focused manner. Modi said that the rates of active cases, recovery, and fatality are continuously reducing, which shows that our measures are working.


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