• · The joint conference was held in Gujarat in a virtual platform
  • · The usage of digital devices in New India to end corruption was hailed by PM Modi
  • · The CVC and CBI officers were asked by the PM to dedicate themselves to eliminating corruption from all sectors of national life

On Wednesday, PM Modi while addressing a joint conference of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in Gujarat, appreciated the usage of digital tools in New India. While addressing the conference held on a virtual platform, the PM stated that the growing usage of digital tools in the country has impelled back against the age-old corrupt practices.

Modi said that 21st century India indulges in innovation, initiation, and implementation. He has further said that a transparent system, smooth governance, and an efficient process are the demands of the people at present. The Prime Minister believed that it is only through the implementation of the new age digital devices can this be accomplished.

Narendra Modi, while addressing the conference has said, “In the last 6-7 years, the government has succeeded in instilling the confidence that it is possible to contain corruption.” He has further stated that today there is the political will to attack corruption and continuous improvement is also being carried out at the administrative level. He has also said that New India at present is not ready to accept the fact that corruption is a part of the system.

The PM said that the usage of technology has taken off barriers and has also terminated prolonged redundancies in the system. Emphasizing how the bureaucratic process was smoothened by technology through the elimination of corruption, Modi said that the prolonged queues to avail the government services have presently subsided. Citizens can now directly avail of the government portal and receive their benefits from there, instead of getting hold of a middleman.

“Thousands of compliance certificates and NOCs were needed till now, which led to corruption; all this has been eliminated,” said Modi. “The processes have been made faceless. Due to the increased digital footprints, it has become easier for investigating agencies to conduct probes.”

The citizens were also reminded by the Prime Minister that laws were made by the government, but the responsibility to implement them lies up to the citizens. The officers of CBI and CVC were called upon by the PM and asked to dedicate themselves to ending corruption from all sectors of national life. The officials were instructed by Modi to work towards the progress and prosperity of the nation. While concluding, Narendra Modi said to the CVC and CBI officers, “you need to implement laws in a way that poor come close to the system and the corrupt moves out of it.”


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