Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is in attendance at the Global Covid-19 Summit hosted by US President Joe Biden insisted on mutual recognition of vaccine certificates. The summit is conducted on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. 

The Prime Minister said that International travel should be more flexible, enabling mutual recognition of vaccine certificates, “We also need to focus on addressing the pandemic’s economic effects. To end that, international travel should be made easier, through mutual recognition of vaccine certificates,” PM Modi stated.

Indian Prime Minister also outlined that India is focused on increasing the production capacity of existing vax. He emphasized that keeping the supply chains of raw materials open is necessary to increase vaccine production. “As newer Indian vaccines get developed, we are also ramping up production capacity of existing vaccines. As our production increases, we will be able to resume vaccine supplies to others too,” the PM said.

In his speech, Prime Minister Modi highlighted that India is currently running the largest vaccination drive in the world with around 800 million vaccine doses administered so far. He also informed that “India’s pharmaceuticals industry has produced cost-effective diagnostic kits, drugs, medical devices, and PPE Kits. These are providing affordable options to many developing countries.”

He concluded that India considers the world as its family and its focus remains on uplifting humanity. The Indian Prime Minister also thanked the whole world who stood like a family for India in the second wave and supported the country with all means when it was going through one of its toughest times in history. 

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