On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Joe Biden, President of the US, during their first in-person bilateral meeting at the Oval Office in White House.

PM Narendra Modi conveyed his thanks to President Joe Biden for his warm welcome and said that he found President Biden’s vision inspiring when he talked to him about the India-US partnership. PM Modi said that the US President is talking about the initiatives to implement his vision in order to take India-US relations further.

PM Modi said that the current decade is being shaped by talent and people-to-people linkages and added that he is delighted that the Indian diaspora is making an active contribution in the USA towards its progress.

Furthermore, PM Modi said that under President Biden’s leadership, the seeds to expand the India-US relations have been sown. Narendra Modi mentioned Mahatma Gandhi and said that he always talked about the trusteeship of the planet, PM Modi added that the sentiment of trusteeship is the need of the hour globally.

US President Joe Biden said that this is a beginning of a new chapter in the relationship between India and the US, and added that 4 million Indian Americans are making America stronger every day. Biden added that he believes their relations can help solve several global challenges, and in 2006, he had said that the US and India would be among the closest nations in the world by 2020.

An external affairs ministry spokesperson said that during the bilateral summit, PM Narendra Modi also signed the visitor book in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

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