The second rally of PM Narendra Modi took place in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. He addressed the public with a direct hit to the opposition parties that hinders Bihar’s development. He said that one vote will decide the transformation of the state and the speed of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat’s success.

Modi with an apparent dig at the opposition parties said, “You can imagine what will happen to COVID-19 funds if they come to power.” He also mocked Tejashwi Yadav by calling him the ‘Yuvraj (prince) of Jungle Raj’ whose past records are dark on whom expectations are harder to put on.

Prime Minister stated that the party which is infamous for closing down the industries of Bihar, from whom investors maintained distance is now promising development to the state. Modi taunts that if they come in power then private companies will vanish from Bihar.

Citing various opportunities of the area like bangles, litchi, etc, Modi said that these will open the door of further progress of Muzaffarpur and the entire Bihar. Now, the global markets are also attracted to these items.

PM Modi informed that 1 lakh crore special package has been allotted for bringing a massive development through investment and Bihar will also get a greater part of such profits. But cautioned people about the dangerous motives of the opposition parties that have the tendency to take back Bihar’s development.

Bihar will soon become an important part of ‘Gas Pipeline Project’, informs PM. 10 more big projects were allotted where some are already completed. Cheap gases and CNG are also reaching to people that easily helped industries to re-open them. Highways and railways network are also being modernized that makes the connectivity stronger.

NDA govt considers it a vital responsibility to bring progress in Bihar that includes beautification of the surrounding along with uplifting all the backward classes and include them in the mainstream. Women empowerment is also strengthening that includes their nutrition, employment, treatments, etc. 

Prime Minister concludes his speech asking people to vote for the NDA alliance to treat the state in a proper manner and will make it healthy once again. 


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