PATNA: Chirag Paswan, LJP chief who walked out of NDA alliance after attacking Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, he praised PM Narendra Modi and stated, “He resides in my heart and I am his Hanuman’. Paswan added that he does not need to use his photo for his party’s campaign and if need he will open his chest and show it. Chirag’s response came in response to BJP leader Sushil Modi’s comments on LJP, accusing them of using Modi for the campaign.

This caused a widening political rift between them and the former NDA ally in the state. Sushil Modi earlier said that his party will be kicked out on the Election Commission’s doors to make sure that any other party except NDA coalition members from using PM’s photo for the upcoming elections. Chirag even pledged that in the next election no LJP members will stand against BJP and said he will make BJP leader Bihar’s next CM.

Paswan said that his relationship with PM even if he is criticized by others will not affect any statement regarding BJP leaders. He also promised to keep LJP as a part of the government in the next assembly elections. He shows his trust towards the Modi government and says that BJP and LJP will form a party together in Bihar.


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