Jaisalmer: The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot appealed PM Narendra Modi to pin down to the state and stop the attempts that are made to topple his govt in Rajasthan. He said “PM should intervene to stop this “tamasha” in the state.” Gehlot has also given an open invitation to the ex-deputy CM, Sachin Pilot for joining the party again.

Replying to media, Gehlot also said that if the High Command of Congress forgives Sachin Pilot and rebel MLAs then he will welcome them. But the power game between Pilot and Gehlot is still high that the CM once again called him “nikamma” i.e. useless. Gehlot said that he can reach extremities to maintain congress leadership and will become Rajasthan CM for third consecutive session.

Currently, the chief minister was on his way back to Jaipur after an overnight stay at Jaisalmer’s Suryagarh resort, where loyalist MLAs have been shifted ahead of the assembly session from August 14. The clash war between Gehlot and Pilot is not over yet as the assembly will convene on August 14.

Gehlot, his ministers and MLAs have been staying mostly in the state capital to keep the number of congress members intact. He voiced that the democracy in India is in danger and blamed Union Home Ministry to intend for turning his state govt.

Internal sources inform that the decision of shifting MLA came a day after Gehlot indicated he will seek a confidence vote when the assembly convenes on August 14 and declared that the money offered to the MLAs to switch sides had increased sharply ahead of the session    


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