Ahead of the presidential election in the US, today the US diplomat Mike Pompeo held a talk with Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and Foreign Minister Gunawardena. Both sides discussed various issues about economic, the global pandemic, and many more. Pompeo arrived in Sri Lanka on Tuesday for a two-day visit.

During the meeting, Pompeo spoke about various bilateral issues. He spoke about the Indo-Pacific issue and China’s growing influence in the region. “Chinese Communist Party is a predator. We see violations of sovereignty, and lawlessness on land and sea,” Pompeo added. Reportedly, the Sri Lankan officers are trained at US institutions like West Point. Pompeo mentioned that the US had provided two Coast Guard cutters who are now Sri Lanka’s navy patrolling their water. He spoke about the economic relationship with Sri Lanka. Pompeo mentioned American companies like Coke and IBM which have generated several employments in Sri Lanka.

The US diplomat discussed the global pandemic and their cooperation in defeating the pandemic. Reportedly, the US has donated over $6 million to Sri Lanka as assistance to COVID-19. Pompeo mentioned that Trump has been working hard with the private sector to develop a vaccine for the benefit of the entire world. “We look forward to work with the people of Sri Lanka on this matter,” he added.

Mike Pompeo will be visiting the Shrine of St. Anthony. It is one of the five sites that was attacked by ISIS on Easter Sunday of 2019. “I will shortly have the chance to pay my respects to the hundreds of victims of evil terrorists including five Americans,” he added.


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