• On February 8, 23-year-old Pooja Chavan died in a fall from the building in Pune.
  • It was alleged that the death of the woman is related to Sanjay Rathore.
  • Sanjay Rathod gave his resignation from Shiv Sena, asked for a fair investigation.
  • Dead girl’s father asked to stop politics on daughter’s death

Shiv Sena leader, Sanjay Rathod, a minister in the Maharashtra government, has resigned. He is accused in the case of suicide of a 23-year-old woman from Pune, due to which he took this step. He said, ‘I have submitted my resignation to CM Uddhav Thackeray. I have distanced myself from the way the opposition is warning that they will not allow the assembly session to run. I want a fair investigation into the case. ‘

Rathore, who was the forest minister, said that there has been a lot of dirty politics on the issue of the death of the woman. He said that an attempt was made to tarnish his image and destroy his reputation which he created after 30 years of social work. “I was saying let the investigation happen before taking any decision. But the opposition threatened to disrupt the budget session”, he added.

He was surrounded in the case of the death of Tiktok girl Pooja Chavan. Reacting to this, the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Devendra Fadnavis said that the minister’s resignation was not enough and demanded that an FIR should be lodged against him.

Chavan died after falling from a building, and BJP has accused Sanjay Rathod that Pooja committed suicide due to him. Rathore reportedly had connections with Pooja. BJP state vice president of Maharashtra, Chitra Wagh had said that the state government is saving Sanjay Rathore. Following the woman’s death, an audio clip of two men allegedly interacting with the deceased came to light. According to Vanwadi police station, no suicide note has been found. Wagh said, “We believe that one of the voices heard in the audio clip is by Sanjay Rathod.”


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