• Video released during a webinar where all RLDC heads and trainees were present.
  • Meenakshi Davar congratulates all women in POSOCO for their contribution.
  • Senior General Manager said why women are an important part of the organization.
  • Senior Deputy General Manager also said something about POSOCO.

The video was released by Meenakshi Davar, Director HR from Corporate Center Office during a webinar where POSOCO Chairman & Managing Director KVS Baba, Director System Operation S. R. Narasimhan, Director Market Operation S S Barpanda, Director Finance, R K Srivastava, S K Sober, Advisor POSOCO all RLDC heads and trainees were present.

Meenakshi Davar congratulates all women employees in POSOCO for their contribution. “Today women face the challenge of figuring out how to have a more tangible influence on mixed-gender teams. POSOCO offers women the best opportunities to achieve these goals. They are encouraged to challenge the conventional assumptions to inspire teams, they are encouraged to translate their ideas into actionable goals and results” she said. Meenakshi Davar is the recipient of multiple awards including the Woman Achiever Award, Women persona award. Also, she earned the Amity  Leadership Award and Seasonal HR professional Award for her excellent performance.

T. Kalanithy, Senior General Manager of POSOCO said that “I am grateful to the management who has enabled me to lead this team of passionate engineers and take up different roles and face various challenges”. He also added, “Women are a vital part of this organization. The management at POSOCO provides a lot of opportunities and avenues to women employees for professional growth, work-life balance, knowledge sharing, and a forum to learn from each other’s experiences. 

C. Rethi Nair, Senior Deputy General Manager of POSOCO said something about POSOCO. “I feel proud to be part of POSOCO, it is responsible for the integrated operation of the Indian power system. Our management is very supportive and ensures all types of measures to deliver our duties”. He also added, “I have a very cooperative and talented team of colleagues we work together to keep the grid secure”.

Power System Operation Corporation is a wholly-owned Government of India Schedule. An enterprise under the Union Ministry of Power. It was formed in March 2009 to handle the power management functions of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited but made a separate company in January 2017.


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