Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday morning appealed to the citizens to switch off all lights at home at 9 PM Sunday (5th April) and light candles or diyas or use the mobile flashlights -to mark the National fights against the Coronavirus outbreak. Ironically Modi’s simple request made opposition furious and they tagged Modi’s appeal as ‘Tamasha”.TMC MP Mahuya Moitra crossed every line and slammed Prime Minister in a TV show as she said: “We did not elect a Prime Minister to preside over for the liquidation of India” which may be considered as objectionable in a system of parliamentary democracy.    

Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra’s deliberate attack against Narendra Modi reminded us of a ruthless ‘Sanjay Gandhi’ style Congress politics, obviously, an old style of politics reflected also with Mamta Banerjee earlier against Janta Party leader, Socialist Jayprakash Narayan. Later on, probably she tried to change her aggressive attitude but her popular ‘street fighter’ image may be her biggest compulsion.  

However, as Narendra Modi has changed entirely the political discourse of post-2019 India and successfully positioned himself as the leader of the Nation, regional parties like AAP or TMC or DMK have shifted their political position following another sharp socialist brain, Prashant Kishor.

Kishore’s approach is ‘Avoid attack against Modi and India’s cultural ethos but criticizing his policies when engaged in regional development with a mix of a modern socialist package’.   

MP Mahuya Moitra’s harsh attack on Modi may be an experiment of Ms. Banerjee which is very much accepted in political space. If it is deliberate then there must have a contradiction with their political strategist Prashant Kishore and making ground of political blunder as the left did it between 2008-2011 when they failed to understand AAM ADMEE’s minds.

At present, minority votes are not the X factor in Indian politics. Caste, class, and religion have lost its power to divide the votes as the M-Factor (Modi factor) sharply and silently polarised whole India between Modi and Non-Modi blocks. According to pundits, M factor is a ‘trust factor’ that India was looking for decades, who would not be a ‘God’ or ‘Harvard monster’ with absurd promise but a fearless and humble soul who can motivate the whole nation with a simple and single request.

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