NANCY JAISWAL: The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, addressed the first convocation of the Central University of Jharkhand on Friday in Ranchi.

Speaking on the occasion, the President stated that understanding the importance of social service is necessary not only for nation-building but also for self-determination. Everyone should be prepared to repay the debt of society. The entire society contributes to the establishment and operation of a university. He said that students can spend some time in nearby villages and help villagers solve their problems and try to improve their quality of life. They can make aware villagers aware about various welfare initiatives of the government. He was happy to note that the University has taken the initiative to adopt five nearby villages and has also taken the responsibility of teaching rural children.

Further interacting at the occasion Kovind expressed his happiness to know that students from Bhutan, Malaysia, and Yaman had completed their education from various Indian institutes. He urged the students to take initiatives to enhance the lifestyle of the tribal people and explained serving the society not only contributes towards building the nation but also improves the self-personality of humans. Kovind further threw a light back to Mahatama Gandhi’s time and said that under his guidance how various young freedom fighters fought for the country’s independence. Wishing students luck and prosperity for their bright future he signed off.

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