A senior US official underlined that President Joe Biden had made the Quad cooperation a priority. “Biden hosting the Quad leaders is a fundamental demonstration of the importance attached to engagement in the Indo-Pacific region,” the official added.

Back in March, the official stated that everyone witnessed President Biden had made Quad a priority through the first Quad leaders-level engagement. “President Biden has made the Quad a priority, as we all saw through the first Quad leaders-level engagement in March, which was virtual, and now this summit, which will be in person,” the senior official said.

Sources claimed that the engagement among the Quad nations including, the US, India, Australia, and Japan would be through new multilateral configurations designed to focus on challenges of the 21st Century. The members will emphasize the significance and promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

On September 24, President Biden will be hosting the summit at the White House along with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Japan’s Yoshihide Suga, and Australia’s Scott Morrison.

In the meeting, the officials are scheduled to make a few announcements on clean energy and climate-related crisis. In addition, the members will also be discussing about the COVID-19 crisis and vaccines.


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