• · An open letter issued on Sunday night, signed by West Bengal personalities, urged the Bangladesh PM to take action against culprits vandalizing Durga Puja pandals and temples
  • · The letter stated that the security of minority communities to practice religion has been disrupted both in Bangladesh and India
  • · The signatories of the letter included prominent cultural and political personalities of West Bengal

On Sunday, a letter was issued to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hassina, signed by the prominent personalities of West Bengal, requesting the government to punish the elements indulged in vandalizing the Durga Puja pandals and destroying the temples. The signatories of the letter included prominent politicians, theatre personalities, film actors, directors and writers.

An open letter which was circulated on Sunday night, signed by the prominent political and cultural figures of West Bengal, regretted the fact that the “members of the Hindu community” of Bangladesh could not celebrate an undisrupted Durga Puja in the wake of communal violence at places in the country.

The letter stated, “Certainly a bigger disaster has been averted by the prompt response of Bangladesh government and police, but the attempt by forces opposed to the liberal, non-communal thinking of Bongobondhu, illuminated by the 71 liberations was, has disturbed the conscious people, who are believers of humanity.”

The letter has further observed that the majority community holds the responsibility of protecting the right to religion of the minority communities and there was a “lapse in ensuring this security in both India and Bangladesh.” The signatories of the letter included CPI(M) Politburo member Md Salim, former Mayor of Kolkata Bikash Bhattacharya, educationist Pabitra Sarkar, theatre personality De Shankar Halder, filmmaker Kamaleshwar Mukhopadhyay, writer Nabakumar Basu, actors Kaushik Sen, Ritwik Chakraborty and others.

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