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Today, the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi yet again slammed the Modi Government over the Farm Bills. Commenting over the Farm Bills, Gandhi mentioned that every effort made by the government to confuse the ‘Satyagrahi farmers’ was useless. He added that the farmers know the intention of the government.

“Their demand is clear. Take back the anti-agricultural law, that’s it,” he added. The remark by the Congress leader comes ahead of the verdict that is yet to be given by the Supreme Court. 

Meanwhile, the farmers’ groups have rejected the Supreme Court’s suggestion to appoint a committee to resolve the ongoing crisis over three farm reform laws. They say the Centre’s attitude in court on Monday made it clear that the government will not agree to discuss farmers’ demand for the repeal of the three laws in such a committee. Lawyers representing the farmers at the court hearing had said that they would consult with the farmers’ groups regarding the court’s suggestion of the committee. 

The Farm Bill has created much chaos across the nation. The protesting farmers have been protesting to cancel the Farm Bills. However, the Centre has already announced that it would not put down the bill, instead, it would make some changes to it. 


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