New Delhi: Every day, the Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi posts at least one tweet regularly against the Modi-led BJP government after the incident of Indo-China violent face-off. ‘An accusation a day’ has become Rahul Gandhi’s habit now. He started the week with a new abrupt question that led him to tweet, asking “Why is China praising Mr Modi during this conflict?” He also tweeted that “China killed our soldiers. China took our land,” along with attaching a news report where the Indian PM was being praised by the Chinese social media for his statement after ‘All-Party meeting’.

On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi posted ‘Narendra Modi is actually Surender Modi’ which became one of the trendiest on Twitter. This comment actually drew the reference of surrendering the Indian Territory to the Chinese powers. Although the news report that Rahul Gandhi attaches today has glorified PM Modi’s intentions of motivating the people and was able to calm down the agitated Indians.


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