Once again, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi condemned the central govt for its unplanned covid strategies which he called ‘crime’ as India is facing a serious surging of cases. Stressing that India still has no absolute COVID-19 strategy, Gandhi criticized the Modi govt for exporting oxygen and vaccine at a time when own country’s citizens are dying due to its shortage. He said, “this act is nothing less than a crime.”

“India still has no Covid strategy. Exporting oxygen & vaccines when our own people are dying is nothing short of a crime,” Rahul’s tweet read. Giving a reply to the rising questions of India’s exporting vaccines to other countries, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar had said that those who make such comments are ‘irresponsible and non-serious ‘.

He had highlighted that the countries are dependent on each other and if we question our supply to other countries, the other countries might question supplying their resources to India.

On the other hand, Serum Institute India, which is India’s chief vaccine producer, has been facing a serious crunch of raw materials after the USA imposed the Defense Production Act (DPA), restricting American resources for domestic use only.

Jaishankar has requested the big countries to continue the supply of raw materials, required for the manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines in India.

India has recently banned the use of oxygen for industrial purposes, exempting eight industries. This has been done to direct the industrial oxygen towards fulfilling the oxygen shortages in India’s hospitals.

Jaishankar has affirmed that India is prioritizing its citizens and simultaneously the world is sympathetic to the situation we are currently facing at home.


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