Today, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra lashed out at Rahul Gandhi over his statement that said, “Every Indian knows what happened in the second wave, propaganda won’t change that.” Slamming the Congress leader, Patra alleged that Rahul has been spreading lies and confusion while acting as a ‘Twitter troll’.

Taking to his Twitter, Patra came down heavily on the Congress leader and claimed that Rahul has been lying on every topic whether it is pandemic or matter of vaccine. “Spreading confusion about every topic and misguiding people on every topic, this is what Rahul Gandhi has done while acting like a Twitter troll,” the BJP spokesperson tweeted.

Referring to the answer given by the Centre to the question of deaths due to the lack of oxygen, he highlighted three points. To begin with, the Centre had mentioned that health is a state subject, and it stores the data sent by the states. “We have issued a guideline, based on which the states can report their death figures, and no state has sent any data on deaths due to lack of oxygen. No one said that their state had died due to lack of oxygen,” he added.

Further, he claimed that the Maharashtra government had informed the court that no death was caused due to the shortage of oxygen. Similarly, Chhattisgarh has also not reported a single death due to the shortage of oxygen, Patra added.

Previously, the statement by the Centre which claimed, ‘No deaths were reported due to shortage of oxygen,’ drew much criticism from the Opposition. Slamming the government over the statement, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had said that it was not just the lack of oxygen but a severe lack of sensitivity and truth on the part of the Modi government.

“The government can lie, obfuscate data, manipulate the facts but it cannot take away the pain of our people,” Congress said. The party had claimed that nearly 629 people in the nation died due to a lack of oxygen.

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