Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi posted a tweet on Friday in which he once again criticized the Modi government for Tax Extortion.

In the tweet, Rahul Gandhi said that everything is getting expensive and the consumers are upset. Gandhi then asked, “Is it getting any benefit to the small producer, shopkeeper, or farmer?” As a reply to which he wrote, “Not!” He, further added that benefits are not accessible because this inflation is actually the indiscriminate tax collection of the Modi government.

Rahul Gandhi on Thursday targeted the central govt regarding inflation, farmers, and Pegasus issues. Gandhi said that the government is wasting the time of Parliament, and the opposition is not being allowed to speak during the proceedings in the House.

On 13th July, Rahul Gandhi shared the cutting of news on Twitter, which indicated that the prices of oil have increased and the prices of food and drink for the people have raised. The retail inflation of food articles reached 5.15 percent in June.

Congress leaders and workers in many states have protested against inflation in the past. They emphasized that the coronavirus epidemic is not over yet and in the meantime, another big problem has arisen for the common people and added that rising inflation has started loosening the pockets of the common people.

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