On Tuesday, while addressing a rally at Swarupnagar village in West Bengal, the Union Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh criticized CM of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee for her misconducting behavior as a CM, especially towards the prime minister of India.

The Minister slammed Mamata for speaking and protesting against the Election Commission and said, “You talk nonsense about our PM. Why do you blame him for everything? I have also been a Chief Minister; I know how a CM should behave”.

Rajnath Singh alleged that bombs were made to attack opponents in the state, to his utter shock, he questioned how was it possible to make bombs under the CM’s leadership? The minister assured that if the BJP government is formed, there will be either bombs or BJP.

Citing MCC violation, Singh asserted that EC banned her for 24 hours and now she is against EC. He asked Mamata “Didi, can you spare anyone?” The fifth and sixth phases of the ongoing Assembly elections in West Bengal will be taking place on April 17 and April 22.


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