Bigg Boss OTT fame Raqesh Bapat recently spoke on the matter of his Ex-wife coming out in his support while the actor was in the Bigg Boss house.

The actor said that he is not surprised by his former spouse’s standing up for him, and would he do the same if the roles were reversed and she was in the Bigg Boss show. The actor revealed that both he and his Ex-wife will always have each other’s backs even though they have been separated.

Raqesh and Ridhi tied the knot in 2011, and after eight years of marriage, they divorced in 2018. The two continue to share an amicable relationship.

Speaking openly on their equation Raqesh said, “I always knew that she would have my back. We have always done that for each other, whether we were married or not married. I think nothing changes with that. I would have done the same if she was in the Bigg Boss house. I really appreciate that and I like that she did that. I cherish that in my heart for sure.”

In a rueful comment actor, Kashmera Shah commented on the brewing friendship between Shamita Shetty and Raqesh, saying that Raqesh is getting ready for becoming a ‘henpecked husband again.’ Bashing her, Ridhi wrote, “Again!? Excuse me. Kindly don’t make loose comments. Peace out.”

Ridhi was also invited to comment on Raqesh’s relationship with Shamita. She replied that she is very happy as long as Raqesh is happy, as it is his personal space.

Ridhi also said that she watched Raqesh on the show, and enjoyed it thoroughly. “He is the kind of person that you are seeing on the show. If there are more than two people, it’s a crowd for him. He doesn’t like to scream and shout to say what he wants to, instead he talks to people that he is comfortable with and trusts.”

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