Raveena Tandon has been working without a break, as she arranges for three hundred oxygen cylinders for Delhi and reaching out to people who require help.

The actor told that there is been a rush of calls and messages from people who need assistance, leads on where and how they can get access to supplies. Raveena has set up a team of people who are part of the networking amid the crisis.

The actor calls the situation an apocalypse saying that the ones who can afford the injections and treatments are buying it. It is a torment for those who can’t. She has a team of friends and volunteers across the country who are responding to requests daily.

A truck full of cylinders has been arranged by the actor that will be directly delivered to those in need.

“Hospitals are charging a bomb so we are arranging for oxygen cylinders that can directly be sent to those who may not afford it. We have been in touch with cops and NGOs to break the chain and operate smoothly. Our first lot is ready for transfer for Delhi includes 300 cylinders”, Raveena stated.

Raveena Tandon was also responsible for sending medical assistance to the late Padma Bhushan Rajat Mishra who passed away with heart conditions due to Covid.

Raveena also shared experiences of people helping out total strangers. Raveena told about a girl who reached out when asked for an oxygen cylinder. She delivered the cylinder by herself when given the address. The actress told that Covid has made us witness something beautiful.


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