• The govt in its affidavit said that lockdown would only be meaningful if it is implemented in the neighboring NCR region
  • The move comes after SC directed the govt to take immediate measures to curb air pollution
  • The AAP govt has further directed the closure of schools, suspension of construction activities, and WFH for all government employees

On Monday, the AAP-led Delhi government conveyed to the Supreme Court that it was fully prepared to impose an absolute lockdown on the city. The government has further said that implementing a lockdown would only be fruitful if the same is imposed on the neighboring NCR area. The Delhi government in an affidavit has stated, “Such a step (Complete lockdown) will be meaningful if it is implemented across the NCR areas in neighboring states.”

The government of Delhi further said, “Given Delhi’s compact size, a lockdown would have limited impact on the air quality regime. This issue would need to be addressed at the level of airshed involving NCR areas.” The AAP government highlighted the point that a lockdown would be imposed if it is applicable for the neighboring NCR region as well.

The SC directed the Central and the city government to take urgent steps to curb air pollution two days ago. The administration has directed the schools to remain shut, suspended construction activities, and asked all government employees to work from home in light of the rising pollution in the national capital.

The government has also advised the private sector to temporarily switch to work from home mode. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said, “All schools, colleges and educational institutes in Delhi will remain shut next week as pollution levels hit emergency level.”

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