Last month, Dostana 2 was surrounded by a lot of controversies as the lead actor Kartik Aaryan opted out of the project of Karan Johar’s upcoming film. Dharma Production denied working with Kartik in future projects.

The fallout between Kartik and Karan was due to several projects that included Mr. Lele, Dostana 2, and Yoddha majorly. In 2019, Kartik had signed for Dostana 2 with Dharma Production with a minimal amount of Rs 2-3 Crore. But in due course of time, Kartik’s market value gained a thrust of Rs 10 Crore since he gave several hits.

Therefore, the actor approached Karan Johal and asked for a hike in Dostana 2 payment citing that his market value had risen up to a big-time in the last two years. While Karan Johar thought it to be unprofessional behavior of Kartik to renegotiate the remuneration in the mid-way but he tried to reimburse with another film Mr. Lele starring him. Both agreed on the same.

A cricket story by Sharan Sharma of Gunjan Saxena fame was offered to Kartik by Karan and to avoid any further dropout, Kartik asked Karan to execute a contract with him. Kartik made sure that he wouldn’t shoot Dostana 2 until he signed for Sharan’s film. So, he gave excuses for the Covid-19 pandemic to not start shooting for Dostana 2. But he began his shoot for Dhamaka that made Karan. Karan felt that Kartik did not trust him as he said that he will not shoot for Dostana 2 until the contract for Sharan Sharma’s film is signed.

Later, Kartik was replaced by Vicky Kaushal and he was unaware of it. Karan decided to shoot for Mr. Lele from April and the moment Kartik got to know about this, he informed Dharma Productions that he can shoot for Dostana 2 only in April this year. This made Karan upset as Janhvi had to pick between Dostana 2 and Mr. Lele.

Karan felt it was something unprofessional that Kartik did, finally, this led to a big fall out between the two. Karan expelled him from Dostana 2. On the other hand, Kartik felt that he was underpaid for the job, as he was the biggest selling point of the film and Karan was not keeping up his commitment to a second film.

Kartik was also upset by Dharma Productions as the film Yoddha by Shashank Kahitan was given to Shahid Kapoor without prior notification to Kartik. Even after Shahid’s quit, the production did not approach Kartik.

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