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  • The United Nations General Assembly recognizes December 5 as the International Volunteer Day.
  • This day is dedicated to volunteers all over the world whose immense supports and contributions help to achieve Sustainable Goals.
  • The International Volunteer Day has set its theme to “Together We Can Through Volunteer

The United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 52/17 of 20 November 1997, marked 2001 as the International Year of Volunteers, this year was further recognized the volunteers, facilitated their work, and created a communication network to promote the benefits of voluntary service. Every year in over 80 countries annually, International Volunteer Day is celebrated. UNV combines a campaign to promote IVD every year.

The theme for International Volunteer Day is set to “Together We Can Through Volunteering” keeping in mind the effects of COVID-19. The pandemic has brought economic, social, mental distress all around the world. In the wake of tough times like this, the volunteers did not hide behind social traumas, instead, they were the forefront warriors. They have contributed their part of the work in medical, community, and societal responses.

The media around the world have commended their contribution. World Health Organization`s initiative- COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan recognized the community volunteers as the key participant in risk communication and community engagement. Thus, International Volunteer Day, 2020 thanks volunteer for their outstanding contribution during the pandemic and commemorate the difficulties they faced while doing social good.


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