The film revolves around revolutionary Sardar Udham Singh who dedicated his life to achieve a free India in the aftermath of the Jallianwal bagh massacre, whose ideas were influenced by his contemporary freedom fighters of the time i.e. Bhagat Singh (Amol Parasher).

Director Shoojit Sarkar and writer Shubhendhu Bhattacharya have designed a non-linear narrative, showcasing smaller plots of Sardar Udham’s life, with multiple flashbacks which finally lead him to assassinate Micheal O’ Dwyer, on whose orders the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was executed.

The narrative building of this film might be one of the most courageous film-making tacts which do finally get in sync. The visual aesthetics of the film is mesmerizing and truthful at the same time, the cinematography of Avik Mukhopadhya is visually appealing and very detailed.

Vicky Kaushal as Sardar Udham has been shown as a man who can see the inevitable. A pain in his eyes, which does not fade away, with the multiple shifts and turns the film takes. Kaushal has done an incredible job of portraying a character sewn in history. In a very articulate way, he has been able to strike the right balance between the mannerisms the character should portray and the ultimate goal of the film.

Other major characters played by Stephen Hogan as Detective Inspector Swain, Shaun Scott Scott as Micheal O’ Dwyer, Andrew Havill as General Reginal Dyer, not unlikely for a Shoojit Sircar film have not been reduced merely as soulless props to the script of the film.

As an audience, Sardar Udham will want your full attention. It resembles the art of a jig-saw puzzle, clueless, distorted when starting but ultimately reaching completion. Integrity was the biggest tool in making this film.

Sardar Udham which is now available on Amazon Prime Video will be one of those films, which shall be considered a niche for telling real, and authentic stories of freedom struggle. A retelling of history that is not standing on the crutches of jingoism and celebration of retribution.

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