Disney Hotstar’s Special Ops Season 1.5 ‘The Himmat Story’ is the origin story of the celebrated ‘RA&W’ agent Himmat Singh. Season 1.5 of Special Ops is tight-knit, intriguing, and enthralling. The premise of the season began with two audit officers, portrayed by Parmeet Sethi and Kali Prasad Mukherjee, who is assigned to analyze and make a report on Himmat Singh’s career in the intelligence agency. To do so, they call for a junior officer(portrayed by Vinay Pathak) who has spent a lot of time with Singh in the force.

Special Ops 1.5 is written by Neeraj Pandey, Deepak Kingrani and Banazir Ali Fida. Director Neeraj Pandey yet again has created a fast-paced, thoroughly interesting espionage thriller. Though the scale of Special Ops 1.5 is lesser than the first season, it has a lot of promise. The series does come with faults and drawbacks but ultimately, profound storytelling and its compact form make it worthwhile for the viewers’ time.

Kay Kay Menon as (younger) Himmat Singh portrays a believable intelligence officer. His calm exterior, perfectly hoot-worthy dialogue delivery and the charm he brought to the character will be some of the major selling points of this series. Some of the audience might not like his young Himmat Singh avatar.

Few of the sub-plots are cliched. The use of ‘honey-trap is extreme in some places. But, all the characters have performed diligently, moreover, it could be said that all of them were well-cast. Some of the one-liners are well balance. Neither they are too preachy, repetitive nor too dull.

Aftab Shivdasani as Vijay Kumar was though following the footsteps of many characters of spy thrillers before him, but seemingly looked refreshing and very genuine on screen. Adil Khan as the arch-nemesis also played all his cards right. He wasn’t extra-ordinary but wasn’t even mundane.

Special Ops 1.5 is 4 episodes long, focusing on how Himmat Singh came into being, it works as a filler rather than a full-fledged web series and it remains so till the end. The final episode could have been more happening, but it remained flat-toned. The series was strictly a precursor to the upcoming season. Vinay Pathak as Abbas Sheikh, the junior officer who narrates the whole story, makes it more interesting with his approach. He is one of those gems of Hindi cinema, who always outshine, no matter how little content they have to work with.

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