Disney Hotstar film Sanak starring Vidyut Jammwal is strictly an action film. Tailormade for the audience who like action as a genre. The film directed by Kanishk Verma is set in Mumbai where Vivaan Ahuja(Vidyut Jamwal) and his ailing wife Anshika played by Rukmini Maitra are trapped in a hospital, which is under attack by terrorists led by Saju (Chandan Roy Sanyal).

Sanak began with a slightly different tone where the director Kanishk Verma and writer Ashish P. Verma has shown the lead character as vulnerable, however, by default, it all sums with Vidyut Jammwal saving the day from the bad guys who have taken all the people hostages. Vivaan though is placed with a man with various character arcs, however, it doesn’t really add up to the hefty action sequences which were the highlight of the show. Action director Andreas Nguyen has craftily experimented with the setting of the film which is in the background of a hospital.

Jamwal like his other films is shown to be the one-man army kind of player, who is not slowed down by any odds. Unlike him, the terrorists in the film are not shown to be hunks who can use anything available as a lethal weapon. Not surprisingly enough, the terrorists shown in the film seemed plastic, both in approach and appearance.

Other lead actors like Neha Dhupia who plays the cop who controls the situation from outside the building, though has a good start are limited to a meager subplot, including Rukmini Maitra who plays Vidyut’s wife who is one of the hostages. Chandan Roy Sanyal has charmed the screen with the limited he has, amid quick, well-choreographed, action sequences performed by Vidyut Jamwal. He is playing a psychotic, frightening, unemotional terrorist effortlessly.

It is understandable that Vidyut Jammwal’s presence in a film, sign off itself as strictly for a selected genre, however, action films need not lack a genuine symmetry, or for that matter a basic relatable structure of cinema. Sanak is just another extension of Vidyut Jamwal’s charisma as an action hero with multiple talents which are confined to a loop.

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