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A special envoy to the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated variants that can evade the Covid-19 vaccine protection are bound to emerge and several parts of the world remain unprotected as rich countries focus on booster shots.

During an interview that took place on Monday, David Nabarro, the WHO envoy, stated that in the coming months and years, variants that will be able to evade the protection provided through vaccines are bound to emerge across the world. Nabarro added, “This is an ongoing battle, and we need to work together.”

A warning was issued by the WHO envoy as some countries, including the UK, were planning to administer a booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccines. The health advocates have been asking the government and the manufacturers to take action to reduce the gap in the access of the vaccines as even after 20 months into the pandemic, thousands of Covid-19 related deaths are reported every day.

Nabarro added that instead of focusing on national agendas, the world should prioritize global needs. The WHO envoy stated that minimal supplies will be left for the rest of the planet, as the rich countries might use all their manufacturing capacity while creating the booster vaccine shots. The WHO stated that variants of concern can decrease the efficacy of the vaccine, but they would still protect against the coronavirus disease.

Furthermore, the WHO envoy stated that the world is still struggling while dealing with the dangerous Covid-19 virus as the virus is constantly evolving and new variants of the virus are emerging, and more variants might emerge in the future. Nabarro added that he thinks the coronavirus is definitely here to stay for the foreseeable future.


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