Actor Ritesh Deshmukh reacted to a Twitter user whose sentiments were hurt after Ritesh made a tweet about weight loss and festive sweets. Riteish shared a post featuring the prices of the popular Indian sweets, finally, he also added the cost it would take to lose all the weight one will gain after eating those sweets.

The post included names of several sweets such as Laddu, Jalebi, Kaju Barfi, and chocolate. Adding the costly prices of those sweets Ritesh said, one would also have to pay a lot of money to lose the weight which will be gained after eating those sweets. Sharing the post, Ritesh wrote, “I thought I should warn you !!!!”

Taking offence by Ritesh’s post a Twitter user wrote, “You people are enlightened only during Sanatani (Hindu) festivals only? Eid ya New Year ya Christmas par muh mein dahi jama lete ho! (If it is EId or New Year or Christmas, at that time your mouth)

Ritesh in his witty reply to the user said, “Sorry sir – Main Vegan hoon, dahi nahi khaata (Sorry sir, I’m vegan. I don’t eat curd.)”

Riteish and Genelia though very active on social media do not interact with Twitter users as such. However, recently when a Twitter user abused Genelia and passed sexist and ageist remarks at her, the actress said, “I don’t think he is having a good day at home. I think he is very frustrated, bechara. I mean, I don’t know. I hope you’re well, bhaisaab (brother). I hope you’re really okay at home.”

Workwise Ritesh is currently hosting Flipkart’s Ladies and gentlemen season 2. He will also be seen in the upcoming flick Visfot.

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