The RJD Chief, Tejashwi Yadav met Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee on Monday and extended his full support to the ruling party of Bengal and confirmed that RJD will be the ally. Yadav stated that this assembly election is about saving Bengal and its culture. He noted that many people from Bihar resides in Bengal and thus RJD will do all it can to help TMC win the election. The RJD chief blamed BJP for spreading lies about the Steel Authority of India ad Railways.

CM Banerjee congratulated Tejashwi and noted that BJP used all kinds of ways to stop RJD from winning in Bihar but she optimistically mentioned that Tejashwi is a youth leader and he will definitely lead Bihar soon. Banerjee also consoled Lalu Prasad’s imprisonment and his sufferings. Yadav used the stage to complain about BJP`s failure in converting Patna University to a Central University.

Yadav also noted that BJP failed to generate jobs that they promised, Bihar laborers were treated badly and they died on the highway. Yadav drew a comparison of BJP to Mamata Banerjee who is working on the streets and helping people.


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