For the upcoming Moscow air show that opens next week, Russian aircraft makers said that they will present a prospective new fighter jet. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, is set to visit the show’s opening.

The new fighter jet that was hidden under a tarpaulin was photographed being towed to a parking spot across an airfield in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, where the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon opens on Tuesday.

According to Russian media reports, the new jet has been built by the Sukhoi aircraft maker in a program of development of a light tactical fighter. The new aircraft has one engine and is smaller in comparison with the latest Su-57 two-engine stealth fighter. The name of the new fighter jet is unknown, and there is no information about its capability and deployment prospects.

Rostec, the state corporation, said the “fundamentally new military aircraft” will be unveiled Tuesday at the show. Rostec published a picture of the new plane covered by tarpaulin with “wanna see me naked?” written under it. Rostec also published a brief video featuring excited foreign customers and the jet’s vague shadow over the water.

The modernization of the country’s armed forces has been made a top priority by the Kremlin amid a bitter strain in relations with the West.


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