In today’s press briefing, BJP National Spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra at BJP Head Office, New Delhi quotes JP Nadda’s words and mocks Rahul Gandhi and Congress, calling him ‘Shahzada’ and says it seems he is more in favor of Pak than India or Congress.

He says Congress is weakening the nation’s armed forces while questioning their valor and criticized the Party that premised its entire campaign around keeping our armed forces weak. He further jibes at Rahul Gandhi and Congress over their attitude towards the Indian Army, government, and the citizens of the nation.

Patra said that while giving a speech at the National Assembly of Pakistan, the Leader of the Opposition, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has said that when the Pakistan Parliamentary Committee met in February 2019, Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan did not come and the Chief of Army Staff Qamar Bajwa’s feet were shivering and sweating as Qureshi pointed out that if Pakistan wouldn’t release Abhinandan that night, India would attack their land. Patra mocks Rahul Gandhi and questions why he is with the weaker side? Why not with the army of India?

He further gives examples of incidents when Congress mocked India in front of Pakistan and said words against the ruling government and questioned the Indian army. After the airstrike, Congress President Shehzade says that nothing has happened and claimed that the President of the Indian Army is the goon of the road, he added. Patra said the Indian army has always said that India is ready to answer on every front, and has given.

This proves how the fear of the Indian Army and gallantry is portrayed in Pakistan under the leadership of Modi Ji which left out the one who was most trusted by the Congress prince, Imran Khan, Qamar Bajwa, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, have all trembled. Sashi Tharoor while addressing virtual meet in Lahore mocks and said that India torture their Muslim brother, nor could manage Covid situation, and discriminates northeastern people. Patra further said they were doing all this at the behest of Shahzade.

Patra added that the points on which the country should be unified made Congress the subject of division. The manner in which Congress described the Prime Minister of India has frightened the expansionist forces and today Shahzade has been given a proper reply by BJP President Shri JP Nadda, where he was who is a coward and who is courageous? He says that Pakistan is scared of Modi led government’s army and their courage and valor. He says that India’s army is the bravest, we have clarity and decisiveness, vision in the Modi led government. He slams the opposition in the matter of surgical strike as Congress called it ‘blood brokerage’.


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